8 Best Micro Task Sites to Make Money Fast

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Working from home has never been an easier endeavor to start. I’m sure you’ll agree that our biggest dreams are to live a stress-free life with time to enjoy the activities you want to explore. Freelancing in the past decade has been much more accessible as technologies advance. If you have a skill, you can monetize it online.

If you are new to side hustles or need to make money online fast. Micro Tasks are the perfect side hustle for you to supplement your income while you focus on building your online empire.

Micro Tasks have no barrier to entry. For the majority of tasks, they don’t require specialized skills to complete.

For this online side hustle, you will be completing short tasks that range from: copy and pasting a link, to filling out a small survey.

These tasks usually take 2 – 10 minutes to complete, and pay .2c to $5 per task once finished.

Average freelancer side hustling with Micro Tasks usually make $8 across the board, but if you find the right site / and task load you could potentially be looking at $15-18$ an hour, hows that for easy money.

Here is YouThrive’s list of the top 8 websites for the best micro tasks:

 Amazon MTurk Micro Task Site

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

U.S. Based | Internationally Friendly
Year Established: 2005
Average User Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $8


What Is Amazon Mechanical Turk?


Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is a Marketplace for work that requires the human operator. It’s one of the bigger micro-task sites for the industry. You can make money in your spare time completing simple tasks.

Many of the tasks don’t require special skills. There are thousands of Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) available to complete at any given moment. The amount of time required to finish a task varies greatly and so does the pay.


The Types of Jobs Amazons Mechanic Turk Offers


Various businesses submit HITs to the website, then workers pick and choose the micro-jobs they want to complete and submit for payment. these jobs include:


Image/Video Processing

  • Tagging Objects to improve search
  • Adding the best picture for a product
  • Audit loaded user images
  • Classifying objects in satellite imagery

Data Verification and Clean-up

  • Removing duplicate content from listings
  • Identifying incomplete product listings
  • Verifying business details
  • Converting unstructured data

Gathering information:

  • Answering questions from a computer or mobile device
  • Filling out market research or survey data
  • Writing content

Data Processing

  • Editing and transcribing audio content
  • Translating content
  • Rating the accuracy of search results


How To Get Started


Visit the Amazon Mechanical Turk site to get started. Upon registering, you’ll be asked for your social security number, its for tax purposes. Within about 48 hours, they’ll verify your information, and then you’re ready to take on the HITs.

You will begin in a “probationary period” where you will need to complete at least one HIT per day for 10 days (these do not have to be consecutive days). During that time, there’s a 100 HIT maximum per day, and you can’t withdraw the money that you’ve earned. When this period is complete, you will no longer have withdrawal restrictions.

Be patient! You might not qualify for higher paying HITs until you have completed the probationary period.


Mechanical Turk Benefits


  • Work from home on your own schedule
  • Plenty of HITs available
  • Amazons MTurk doesn’t place restrictions on its workers,  you can accept micro-tasks for 10 minutes a week or 10 hours a week. Your schedule is up to you.

While you can use what you’ve earned directly on Amazon, you can also have your earnings deposited directly into your bank account (US and India only). There’s also no minimum to reach before you cash out (unlike some other sites). But remember, you’ll have to get past the 10-day probationary period.


Mechanical Turk Drawbacks


  • Pay can be extremely low
  • Special qualifications needed for some higher-paying assignments

While Amazon Mechanical Turk is convenient and one of the most established micro-task sites available, it’s not perfect:

The HITs with the highest pay tend to come during normal working hours. So if your trying to make the most you can per hour, you’ll have to be on during normal working hours. you’ll still find work but likely not as much good work in the evenings/weekends as compared to the weekdays.

It’s also not going to make you rich. The pay is pretty decent but it works great as a supplemental source of income.

Additionally, Amazon Mechanical Turk provides opportunities globally, but taskers based in only the US and India can withdraw cash via bank account. Taskers elsewhere can have the money they earned redeem through Amazon gift cards.


In Closing


Amazon MTurk is a great site to supplement your income. Despite the lower pay, people are drawn to MTurk because of its flexibility. Most other remote jobs require a set schedule that may not be convenient for the entrepreneur that’s working on his or her dreams.

For more information check out | Amazon MTurk’s FAQ


 Clickworker Micro Task Site

2. Clickworker

Year Established: 2005
German Based | Internationally Friendly
Average User Rating: 3 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $9


What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is an online crowd working site based out of Germany that pays you for completing micro-tasks online. Clickworker is similar to Amazon MTurk and other sites where you log on in your spare time to complete short tasks for pay.

You get to work independently, your schedule is flexible as whenever you can allow a few minutes to a task. All you need to start is an internet connection and a computer and/or mobile device.


Types of Jobs Clickworker Offers


Data Creation:

  • Informative texts
  • Product descriptions
  • Articles about a specific topic

Data Categorization:

Categorize the data of websites

Copy editing:

Check corrected texts with regard to content, style, and implementation


Asses the texts created with regard to spelling, grammar, style, and expression

Web research:

Search for data on the web, such as addresses for companies


Share your opinion to companies about products, format, etc

App testing:

Optimize the design, functionality, and usability of different applications


How To Get Started With Clickworkers


Visit the Clickworker site to get started. Upon registering, you’ll fill out your user profile.

From there you must complete short assessments to determine your skill level for each particular micro-task. Try to get the best score you can, as this determines job opportunities.

The assessment tests can vary, but be prepared to pass two tests. Here’s an example of what they could ask for your assessments:

  • The first test is comprised of  72 multiple-choice questions. The second assessment could be a writing assignment consisting of an original review of a movie, the required length of which could be between 90 and 120 words.
  • The multiple-choice assessment requires a score of at least 90% to be allowed to work with Clickworker.

Once you complete and process the micro takes you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to choose from being paid on a weekly or monthly basis. It’s that simple.


Clickworker Benefits


  • Clickworker pays on-time
  • Clickworker offers two methods of payment

Paypal (for US residents) or Direct deposit to a SEPA bank account (non-US residents).

International Eligibility

You can sign up and work on Clickworker if you are not based in the US. To get paid working in a country other than the US, you must have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country.


Clickworker Drawbacks


  • Payments are processed when your balance reaches $10
  • You will not be able to withdrawal money you’ve earned for tasks completed until the company offering the task approves your work. This could take up to 10 business days.


For more information on becoming a Clickworker, check out the Clickworkers FAQ.

 One Space Micro Task Site

3. OneSpace (Formerly CrowdSource)

U.S. Based | International Friendly
Year Established: 2010
Average User Rating: 4 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $8


What is OneSpace?

OneSpace is an online crowd working website that pays freelancers to complete, on-demand micro-tasks.

You might have heard of Micro-Task sites such as Amazon Mechanical Turk or Clickworker. OneSpace has the same concept. Once you create an account and once you are accepted, you can pick tasks you’re able to complete accurately and receive payment for each task completed.

OneSpace was co-founded by Stephanie Leffler and Ryan Noble in 2010 and is currently headquartered at Swansea, IL.


The Types of Jobs With OneSpace

OneSpace is searching for qualified applicants for the following positions. If you don’t see a position that fits your skill set, submit your application to OneSpace, and they’ll contact you if and when a relevant opportunity becomes available.


Image and Graphic Designers

  • Create amazing product imagery for retail/e-commerce clients.
  • The ideal candidate should have experience with a photo editing software (PhotoShop, InDesign) and in creating mobile-ready images.


English & International Language Transcriptionists

  • Listening to audio files and converting the spoken words into written form. The audio files range from less than 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length. Opportunities for these Micro-Tasks are open to those who are fluent in one of these languages or more.
  • An assessment may be required for testing the individual skill level.
  • Current Languages Needed: Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Euro Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, Korean


Small Business & Accounting Writers

  • Writers experienced in creating English content that caters to an audience from one of the specified countries and relevant to small business and accounting topics for large brands. The ideal candidate should be able to provide samples of published content for reference.
  • Accounting knowledge needed for at least one of the following: India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico.

Extensive knowledge of conversational English as well as AP style guidelines. Also, must be able to quickly adapt to brand, voice and tone guidelines.
Experience in creating published content for enterprise brands that cover -but is not limited to- these categories (must have experience across multiple categories):

  1. Small business
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Business funding & planning
  5. Marketing
  6. Launching a business

Examples of content published online. Preferably, for the designated countries that are relevant to the outlined topics.

For Example, A published article about launching a company in India.
Currently, live, have lived, and/or have extensive experience of small business and accounting practices for the relevant country.

There are many small business and accounting policies/procedures that differ from country to country that we need our contributors to be aware of in order for us to deliver top quality content to our client.

For example, Canada does not have LLCs and they should not be referenced in content targeted at that country.

After you apply, at least one assessment will be required for testing the individual skill level.


Small Business & Accounting Editors

Content editors experienced in editing English content relevant to small business and accounting topics for large brands. The perfect candidate should be able to complete an assessment with 98% accuracy. Accounting knowledge needed for at least one of the following:

India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico.

  • Extensive knowledge of conversational English as well as AP style guidelines.
  • Previous experience working with enterprise brands.
  • Ability to quickly adjust brand, voice and tone guidelines.
  • Experience in editing content for large brands that cover these categories (must have experience across various categories):
  1. Small business
  2. Accounting
  3. Finance
  4. Business funding & planning
  5. Marketing
  6. Launching a business


  • Familiarity with small business and accounting practices for one of the specified countries.
  • Currently, live, have lived, and/or have extensive experience of small business and accounting practices for the relevant country.
  • There are many small business and accounting policies/procedures that differ from country to country that we need our contributors to be aware of in order for us to deliver top quality content to our client.
    For example, LLC’s do not exist in Canada and should not be referenced in content targeted at that country.


How To Get Started With OneSpace

To start, all you need to do is create an account on OneSpace with your email and a password. You’ll also need to upload your resume with them as they demand an experienced workforce. You can work from anywhere in the world with OneSpace as long as you have access to PayPal.


How Much Can I Make working for OneSpace?

Short tasks pay 10 cents per task. But such tasks should only take 1-2 minutes. Writing tasks pay between $0.02 and $0.035 per word.

OneSpace pays as soon as they approve the job, which typically takes 24-48 hours. One approved, They will release payments daily 9AM Central Standard Time via PayPal. But your PayPal account must be verified.


OneSpace Benefits

Paid Daily
Get paid quickly. OneSpace provides daily payments for your approved work.

Stay in your grind or try something new. From writing and editing content to data entry and product research, there’s always a variety of work available on OneSpace.

Work as little or as much as you’d like. OneSpace freelancers have the freedom to create their own schedules and can log in to submit work anywhere, at any time.

Enhance your skills and gain vast experience by working on projects for some of the world’s largest companies, including Staples, Overstock, Wal-Mart, and eBay.

International Friendly
OneSpace is international, they use freelancers in over 100 countries.


OneSpace Drawbacks

Low Pay
As with any micro-task site, do not expect the income of a full-time job on such site. Understand it as a compliment to any income you currently make.

For More In-depth information on OneSpace please refer to their FAQs here.

 crowd working micro task site

4. Fancy Hands

Year Established: 2010
U.S. Based | U.S. Only
Average User Rating: 3 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $10


What Is Fancy Hands?

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistance service that hires people to complete simple web-based/phone tasks that clients don’t have time to do their selves.

Fancy Hands founder Ted Roden started Fancy Hands and is headquartered in New York City.


How Does Fancy Hands Work?

When a person has things that need to be done, but do not have the time to do these simple, menial task. They hire Fancy Hands to complete them. These such tasks could include making telephone calls, booking flights, etc.

As an assistant at Fancy Hands, you get paid to complete these tasks on behalf of clients and report back to Fancy Hands once that job is complete. You’ll get paid after the client verifies the task was completed to standard.

Fancy Hands is currently looking for virtual assistants to provide excellent customer service for the thousands of discerning users of their site. If you have a decent internet connection and have the ability to navigate websites and basic software, you might find Fancy Hands the perfect side hustle for your money making online endeavors.


The Types of Jobs With Fancy Hands

  • Making calls on behalf of people. For Example, Canceling their cable (a lot tougher than it sounds).
  • Scheduling appointments (Dental, Doctor, Business, etc)
  • Tracking down the best price for a Product, or service
  • Finding accommodations that meet specific criteria.
    Data entry


The Perfect Match with Fancy Hands must:

  • Communicate efficiently and effectively. People will tell you what to do, you must be able to figure out what they’re asking for, and be able to get a clear response back to them.
  • People with knowledge of different fields. I.e, able to identify what the clients want.
  • A Self-starter, you should want to take on the responsibility

*Important* You need to have an audio headset (with a microphone) to do this job (in some cases iPhone headphones work just fine).

You need to have a reliable computer and a fast internet connection.

In order to provide the best level of service, and to unify their processes. Fancy Hands requires the use of two APPs, they are mandatory to work for Fancy Hands.

Must-Have APPs to work with Fancy Hands:

Chrome Browser
Some features may not work on other browsers. To ensure the best user experience, make sure to download and use Chome’s Web Browser. You can find it Here https://www.google.com/chrome/

G-mail Address
As you’ll see, their sign up authenticates through Gmail or Facebook. They recommend G-mail for best practice.


How Do I Become An Assistant At Fancy Hands?

All you have to do is sign up as an assistant with your Google account. It has to be Google, and you must use G-mail as their website authenticates with it.

Fancy Hands will then take you through an application process.

You will be tested on multiple areas such as on using search engines like Google, your grammar skills, verbal communication skills and ability to complete a simple task. Once you complete testing, Fancy Hands will get back to you in 1-7 days if you passed the test.


The Pay

To start, you’ll get paid per task. Many factors are involved in determining the rate of pay per task. Such as: depending on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is.

For example: Let’s say you have 5 different tasks to make reservations at a restaurant. To start, tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00 to $7 per task and go up from there.

If interested, you may be promoted to a managerial type position, managing other assistants and helping ensure everything runs smoothly.

Payments are paid every other week on a Tuesday using Dwolla

Fancy Hands Benefits

  • It’s flexible work
  • You can define your own hours. They need assistants around 24 hours a day, so if you’ve got time at 4am, great! If you want to work 9-5, perfect.
  • This position and this company have huge room for growth.
  • Fancy Hands BBB rating is an A- at the time of this review. The highest rating is an A+ so they’re average according to the BBB.

Fancy Hands Drawbacks

  • No PayPal Payments: PayPal is a popular option for getting paid with many works at home opportunities. For some reason, Fancy Hands only pays using Dwolla now.
  • It’s only for US-based assistants
  • You might even not get paid at all

Some clients fail to approve your work for their own personal reasons which may or may not be justified. We came across complaints from actual people who never got a penny after completing a task. So your potential income is based on the subjective opinion of the client.


appen crowd working

5. Appen

Australia Based | Internationally Friendly
Year Established: 1996
Average User Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $12


What is Appen?

Appen is one of the older Micro Jobs companies online to this date. They work with a vast array of companies and governments to provide services that rely on natural languages and machine learning capabilities.

Appen prides itself with its over 1 million skilled contractors at their disposal.


The Types of Jobs With Appen

Internet Analyst

Do you have access to high-speed internet, and consider yourself search engine–savvy? Appen is currently seeking new Internet Analysts to perform tasks online such as providing feedback on search results, advertisements, and web page content.

Internet Analysts work from home, on the hours they have available.

You might be a good fit for this role if:

  • You have in-depth knowledge and are familiar with current social, web, and media culture
  • You have excellent web research skills and analytical abilities
  • You are able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • You use search engines every day, multiple times a day
  • You have a reliable high-speed internet connection


Social Media Evaluator

If you love social media, it may be time to put your knowledge and skills to use. As a Social Media Evaluator with Appen, you can provide feedback on news feeds, advertisements, and search results. These roles are part-time (usually about 20 hours per week) with very flexible hours.


Micro Tasks

Short on time, but want to earn some extra cash? Micro Tasks are short, simple tasks that can be completed in about an hour from the comfort of your own home.



Are you bilingual and computer-savvy? Appen has openings for Transcribers, who typically perform tasks like reviewing lists of words that have been transcribed phonetically by software or rating and comparing audio statements against data, correcting any mistakes.


Web Search Evaluator (United States)

The role of Web Search Evaluator includes performing tasks online, such as giving feedback on various search results, ads, and content on web pages.



Appen currently has some available roles for Linguists. This typically involves providing phonemic transcription and audio checking of linguistic data. These jobs are varied and project-based, and you’ll find the descriptions on Appen’s Careers page.

Appen prides itself on being an award-winning language technology solutions and consulting firm. Many of the company’s independent contractors are fluent in one or more of the 120 languages and dialects it works in.


How To Get Started With Appen


Go to the Appen Opportunities page at the Appen website, where current needs are listed, and a search field is available to narrow your search. Work from home jobs is listed as “Remote.” If you don’t see a position in your language or location, you may register with the company and be notified when a suitable project is available.


Qualifications to Work for Appen


Qualifications vary for the different positions. Some, particularly translation positions, require a college degree, but a majority of the jobs there do not.

All language-related positions require some test of your language abilities which seems logical, considering they don’t want to waste your time. For search evaluation jobs you must be “a native or near-native speaker” in the required language, seems understandable considering you need to comprehend the work involved.

Search evaluation positions may require up to five hours of availability a day on the weekdays. Web search evaluators must complete a process that involves completing a review of qualification materials and a series of tests. The process may take up to 25 to 40 hours of commitment over one to three weeks. The training is free, and you will not get paid for this time.


Appen Remote Technical Requirements


Work-at-home independent contractors must provide a computer that is less than three years old, antivirus software up to date and high-speed Internet available. Some projects might require a headset with a microphone that uses VOIP.


How Much Can I Make working for Appen?


Appen itself claims that their top freelancers make up to $25 an hour with crowdsourced projects, but from what we found your average will be around the $12 an hour mark.

Many of the positions at Appen pay an hourly rate. Crowdsourced projects are paid on a per hit basis, which varies project to project.

Payments of a $50 minimum are made on a bimonthly basis, via direct deposit.

For more information about Appen Crowdsourced work, visit their FAQ here.

 rev online crowd sourced work

6. Rev

U.S. Based | Internationally Friendly
Year Established: 2010
Average User Rating: 3 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $7


What is Rev?


Earn Extra Money Online, in the comfort of your own home.

Rev’s goal is to give as many people the freedom to work-at-home as they can. They pride themselves on recruiting the best talent, to handle their workload. They believe this is the key to providing superior service.

Choose your own schedule. You can work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Choose your own projects, Rev lines up a steady stream of work for you. You’ll enjoy choosing from a variety of available projects.

Get paid reliably, receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work completed. Rev is on-time and dependable.


The Types of Jobs With Rev


  • Transcriptionists
    Listen to audio and video and type what is being said by whom $0.36 – $0.65
  • Captioner
    Watch a video and create timed captions synced with the video $0.45 – $0.75
  • Subtitler
    Watch a video and translate captions from English to another language $1.50 – $3.00
  • Translator
    Translate documents from one language to another $0.05 – $0.07


How To Get Started With Rev


The Application Process

To start it is as simple as providing your name and email address. After, you’ll have to answer a few questions such as how many hours you anticipate working, whether or not you have a headset/headphone in working condition, and your internet speed.

Note: Rev’s caption tool, Dash, requires either Chrome or Firefox browser to work. It’s important you use one of these browsers to complete your application.


Grammar & Writing Test

There is a short grammar and writing test you must take once you provide your personal information. It covers topics such as verb form, word choice, and sentence structure. The nine questions shouldn’t take long to complete.


Writing Sample

The writing sample you will need to submit is short — a minimum of 50 words but no more than 200. An example of this would be: The writing prompt could be about your hometown. In the writing sample, you’ll need to address what it was like growing up there, things to do, and popular foods in the area.


Learn to Caption
The grammar test and writing sample should only take 20 to complete. Afterward, you’ll learn how to caption.


Using Dash
As I mentioned, Rev utilizes its own online captioning program called Dash. Dash is what you’ll use to control video playback, type your captions, and sync captions with the video.

Before starting your first caption test, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with Dash. Rev provides a helpful video you can watch that shows someone using Dash. You’ll also be equipped with an instructional manual that covers everything you need to know about Dash. It’s a good idea to bookmark the Dash Guide so you can easily refer back to it as you start this captioning endeavor!

Rev provides instructional videos and guides that will instill best practices when captioning. This covers everything from how to add captions breaks at logical spots (like at the end of a sentence or when a speaker pauses) to how to properly type out atmospherics (clapping, music, etc.).

Please Note: Make sure you understand one section before moving onto the next. How well you do on your sample videos will depend on how closely you follow the rules given!


Caption Test
As part of your application, you’ll need to caption three sample videos. You can begin the first caption test once you learn how to use Dash. But keep in mind, you will only have three hours to complete your video once you start.

If you’re not ready to take it, you can save your application until you have enough time. If you do not have 3 hours to take the test, you are able to save it until you do. As with anything new, captioning videos will take some time getting used to. Your first one will take you much longer as you get used to their program Dash.


Completing Your Application


After each caption test, you’ll get to see a correctly captioned version of it. This will allow notating any mistakes you made or words you missed so you can improve on subsequential test thereafter.

Once everything is complete, the application will be reviewed. If you passed, they will invite you back as a paid captioner.


How Much Can I Earn from Rev?


According to Rev, the average captioner earns $240/month. Top earners can take home as much as $1,500/month.

How much you earn depends on a number of factors such as the speed you can work accurately the amount of work available and the number of hours you work each week.


Rev Benefits

The good news is, you can work whenever, wherever, and how much you’d like.

Payments are made once a week via PayPal.


Final Thoughts

Remember, the average captioner takes home about $240/month — so this should be looked at as a way to earn extra money each month and not necessarily a full-time source of income. Since you get to watch videos that range from classic TV shows to modern movies, captioning for Rev can actually be a fun way to supplement your income each month.

You can find more information here.

micro tasks for side hustle online

7. Spare 5

U.S. Based | Internationally Friendly
Year Established: 2014
Average User Rating: 4 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $9


What Is Spare 5?


Spare 5 is a website that you can earn cash by completing micro-tasks online. You can either complete the tasks on your computer or use the Spare5 iOS app. (sorry, at this moment they do not have the app for Android cell phones).

The tasks are simple, they require you to identify items that computers have a hard time processing.

Various companies send Spare5 data requirements which in turn they create mobile-friendly tasks for freelancers to complete. A few examples of the tasks you will be offered include editing, tagging, rating and classifying different objects.

Each task pays a few cents, ranging from 1 cent to as much as 5 cents per. On average, the tasks pay 1 to 2 cents, and involve labeling photos or writing short sentences or questions. As long as you put some time toward Spar 5, the pay will add up relatively quickly.

However, before you can start working for the company and have tasks assigned to you, you’ll need to complete the signup process and endure their training program. Each training session you successfully complete will offer you more opportunities for paid tasks.


How To Start on Spare 5


You’ll need to register online with your email address or one of your social media accounts. It is easy to register with your Facebook account.

The company has an app if you use an iOS device, but Spare5 has not built an app for Android devices as of writing this.

Once you’re registered the site will redirect you to the task page. These are the current tasks that are available to you. On the page, you’ll find information on how you can qualify to be selected to complete tasks. One of the qualifiers is the training tasks that you must complete.

It is recommended that you take all training qualifiers displayed on your page. As this will ensure you get the most out Spare 5. The training qualifiers will give you your XP score. Each test has a number of XP points you’ll earn when you complete it.

Each of the Spare5 tutorials will teach you how to complete each of the skills you’ll be utilizing. When training tutorials are successfully completed, Spare 5 will now allow you to select a task with a passing skill, if they are available.


The Spare5 XP Program


When you complete tasks with Spare5, you’re given experience points (XP). The more tasks you complete, the more points you’re given.

Earning more XP points means you’ll be given earlier access to take tasks, also you will be given the chance at more tasks with better rates to earn more rewards and higher payouts.

Spare5 currently comes with 6 different XP skills:

  • Annotation
  • Categorization
  • Phone Survey
  • Rating
  • Research
  • Writing


Spare 5 Benefits


  • Minimum $1 to cash out
  • Deposits to PayPal
  • Earn at a rate of $8 – $12 per hour with up to $20 per hour
  • Refer friends for extra earned income
  • Earn XP levels to increase earnings


Spare 5 Drawbacks


  • No Android app available, but it’s in the works
  • Only PayPal cash out option
  • Task availability can be low


How Much Can I Earn from Rev


The amount you can make with Spare5 is dependent on a few variables:


As mentioned above, you can use Spare5 in more than just one country. However, if you’re from an English-speaking country, you’re more likely going to have more surveys than countries that don’t.

The reason for this is because the majority of companies that partner with Spare5 come from these countries.

Yet we will not discourage you. Even if you’re from a non-English prominent country, we suggest you still give Spare5 a try to find out if it’s worth it for you.



Before you can complete tasks with Spare5, you’re required to fill out a quick 10-question introductory survey. The survey will reward you with $.10 cents one completed and will ask you questions regarding your current demographics.


Amount of Time put into Spare5

Obviously, the more time you spend completing tasks, the more money you’re going to earn.

We’ve heard about freelancers with high experience levels can easily earn at a rate of $15 per hour or more.

Katy Kicker wrote a complete review about Spare5 and she states that she’s earned over $70. At times, she even states that she’s earned $.45 cents per minute from England, meaning she’s earning at a rate of $27/hour! Truth be told, it probably isn’t common, at least in the beginning.

The Reviews we’ve studied have implied that Spare5 pays its freelancers on Friday and that a majority of the tasks available are easy to complete.

Although the tasks payout are small (between $.01 and $.20 cents), the time it takes to complete a task is very minimal. On average, expect to earn a rate of $8 – $12 per hour, and with luck and perseverance. You could see a rate of $20 per hour on average one day!


Refer a friend


Earn more cash by referring a friend. When you refer a friend and they earn their first $10, you will receive a bonus of $2 and your friend receives a bonus of $1. This will continue until they earn $100 or have used the app for 180 days, whichever comes first.

You can earn a maximum referral bonus of $20 per referral.

For more information, check out the Spare5 FAQ.

 crowd sourcing micro task site

8. The Smart Crowd, By Lionbridge

U.S. Based | Internationally Friendly
Year Established: 2001
Average User Rating: 3 out of 5
Average Per Hour: $7


What is The Smart Crowd?


The Smart Crowd was formerly known as Virtual Bee and, Key for Cash.

Lionbridge bought Virtual Bee in 2012 and had two data entry platforms running simultaneously for a couple of years. They realized it would be best if they merged platforms in 2015 and rebranded the platform to The Smart Crowd.

The Smart Crowd boosts about 100,000 multi-lingual freelancers worldwide for their data entry and translation platform.


Type of Jobs offered at The Smart Crowd


The type of work they offer is divided into three categories:

  • Data Services
    Involves typing, data cleansing, digitizing data, updating data or data tagging
  • Global Testing
    Testing new products to verify glitch free before launch.
  • Language Services
    Includes translating websites, reviews, videos, live telephone translations or actual in-person translating.


Who is The Smart Crowd for?


Data entry could really be for anyone over 18 years old and from almost anywhere in the world.

You don’t need much in the way of formal education, the most important qualification is to be proficient in using a computer.

You should also have some knowledge of using a word processor and in general, the faster you can work, the more you can earn. The only requirements in the way of technical equipment are a computer and a high-speed internet connection.

This may sound good so far, however, you will be asked to take an evaluation before you will be offered a job, so you should have some basic skills:

  • Be able to type fast and accurately
  • Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Work quickly and accurately
  • Have a good comprehension of the reading matter
  • There is a lot of competition for these jobs and you may be kept waiting a while (several months) before you are finally offered some work.

You are not paid per hour, but by task and the pay isn’t that good. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider this as a full-time job or count on this to pay your bills.

You are not employed directly by the company, you are a freelancer or independent contractor.


How To Get Started with the smart crowd


Anyone who of the age of 18 years old can participate. The tasks are quite simple, so there is no need for specific qualifications!

What is required from you is that you complete their demographic questions and placement evaluations.

Although the jobs are simple, you should be good at grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, being fast and accurately can greatly increase the amount you make per hour.


Signing up

Go to The Smart Crowd’s application page and answer a few basic demographic questions (address, education, employment, etc. ).

After you complete the initial forms/questions you’ll be directed to placement evaluations.

Placement Evaluations are tests that you able to take so The Smart Crowd identifies the perfect candidate for certain tasks that they offer. You will receive a score from 0 – 100 for each test.

The tests are comprised of:

  • Reading comprehension in English: 10 questions about an English article.
  • Business address matching: Here you are shown 2 addresses, and you need to determine whether they are the same or not.
  • Reading Comprehension in a second language: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Koren, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The more tests you take and the higher your score, the more tasks will be available to you.

I found a review online that stated the reading comprehension part was easy, but the business address matching can be tricky sometimes, so take it slow. There is no time limit to complete these questions.

After you finish the tests, you should check your email often for new work opportunities. In the beginning, do not be surprised at the low volume of tasks available to you.


How Much Can I Earn From The Smart Crowd


From my research, I determined payout ranges from $3 to $15 per hour, factors like speed and accuracy heavily influence these numbers.

The payment varies according to the complexity and length of the job involved. For example, you should expect to get paid more for a translation gig over something like a simple data tagging gig.

The Smart Crowds website states, they offer a competitive rate per task based on the expected productivity to complete a task. The also pay monthly.

The Smart Crowd’s website doesn’t give any idea of the money you can make, so keep in mind that companies like these look for crowd-sourcing as a way to reduce their costs significantly.

With that being said, you should look at this site as a way to supplement your income, not replace it.


The Smart Crowd Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Established in the industry


The Smart Crowd Drawbacks

  • Low Pay
  • Paid Monthly
  • Score High on Evaluation is a must to compete for work

To learn more about what The Smart Crowd has to offer, find it here.