You Want Success in Life? Choose to Live!

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Your Current Situation


It doesn’t matter where you are at in at this present moment. You could be working a minimum wage job in a field you never wanted to explore, single, addicted to video games. If this is the life you’ve envisioned, fine.


But you know what? You can change!


You could even be working for a large corporation, making six figures, waking up regretting every moment of the life you’ve created, but still…


You CAN change.


There is a major reason why a majority of Americans are not satisfied with the life they have, even though never before in humanity has there been such easy access to the basic necessities required in surviving in this world.


But here’s the thing, have you planned out your life’s path or let life dictate this for you?


Most people I know, get caught up in the daily existence they call “life”.


They get good grades, assume that they must go to college. But they don’t even understand what they want out of life. They might fail out, or even get the degree. Either way, they are now in debt.


This is the worst kind of debt, it doesn’t “Go” away like some of the other forms of debt. Now holding a college degree and a substantial amount of debt, they’re able to acquire an entry-level position, making barely enough to cover the rent, bills, and food.


But what kind of existence is that?


You go through life wishing you have X, but what have done to achieve X. You must choose.




Why You Are Where You Are In Life


A sure thing in life is that you are the MASTER of your ship, there’s no one else who should care more about you than yourself. Don’t use excuses when it comes to owning your life’s path, you deserve better.


We are in a time where infinite information is easily accessible at our fingertips. If you grew up in a family that couldn’t afford basic luxuries in life, don’t use that as an excuse why you in this present moment can’t create a life where you might afford not only the basic necessities but anything you desire.


Think not of what you do not have, but how you can you achieve that in which you want.


Your mindset needs to shift, positive thinking must take place. One cannot succeed in his or her endeavors with a “why me” attitude. You must turn it into a “how can I” attitude.


Next, do not think that positive thinking alone will give you everything you desire, it won’t… It’s only one step in a grand formula that will take you to anywhere you desire.


Inaction is the killer of dreams, the fear of the unknown has stopped more of humanities dreams and desires than any other roadblock. You must just start! If you want to become a programmer, start coding… It’s the doing that makes the magic.


If you want to the best in sales, start calling. You can’t be the best, if you haven’t put the time in, it doesn’t work any other way.


Unfortunately, we have never in our existence enjoyed access to all the information at our fingertips, but on the same coin – we’ve never had such a level of distraction to enable inaction.


Don’t let your dopamine ruin your life. Understand that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other distraction that exchanges your time for superficial entertainment, must be done so in moderation.


Take time to work on the areas of life that you’d like to improve. Understand that there’s no magic fix, and it’ll take consistent effort, as with anything great… It’s a process, not a quick fix.


You must take the time, to silence the outside world. Only then can you understand yourself and find the direction in life you’d like to go.


What’s your purpose?


For the longest time, I was afraid or even intimidated with this question. Frankly, I didn’t understand it. But I’ve learned that we need to tackle your purpose before we can move onto a more fulfilling life. Don’t get caught up in the “ It has to be something huge” like save the world kind of purpose.


That’s not reality, it just isn’t for a majority of people and that’s perfectly ok. Your purpose is something that should keep you inspired, keep you growing.


If you’re going to a job, that you don’t enjoy, that doesn’t challenge you, that doesn’t even enable you to experience life the way you would like, this is the opposite of your purpose.


The only reason you stay at that job is that life has driven your ship, it has created the debt, and the bills that you now can just “maintain”.


Now is the time to start figuring out what you want from your life, and how you are going to achieve it.




Choose Your Path


I don’t care if your 15 about to attend high school, or 45 with 3 kids, one divorce and $50,000 in debt. Your life matters and you have the choice and responsibility to change your circumstances if they aren’t what you dreamed it could be.


The first Step, assess thyself. Stop worrying about things you cannot control. From today forth, get a grasp of your current situation and start planning how you would like to see your future as. Remember the age-old adage, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It holds true to your situation, anything great takes time and effort.


Start making small positive changes to create the outcome you’d like. Focus on building the “better you” now so to speak, one purposeful action at a time.


Do your daily habits align with the progression you want to achieve?


Do you plan to wake up at a set time and achieve or do you sleep in? Take the time to develop a working plan for the next day.


This list could include:

  • 10 minutes to reflect
  • A healthy breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Goal one (most important)
  • Goal two
  • etc.


Mind you, I understand that a majority of you have other responsibilities I.e (Jobs, families). The point of taking time to develop your plan is to make the most out of each moment.


You MUST set aside time for you to develop yourself in order to grow.


Find a planning scheme that works for you, but get a hold of your time. Deliberately plan out the actions you need to achieve for the goals you want to conquer.


Be Healthy


Do you take care of your body properly? Health is an important role not just in success, but in life. You have one vessel (the body) in life, why don’t you aim to take care of this temple? It will save you plenty of pain and headaches in the later years of your life if you start focusing now.


I’m not preaching that you have to run marathons or be able to lift mountains. The goal here is striving to improve consistently with small actions. Go for that walk, or enjoy a bike ride. The point is, DO something.


Also, you can enjoy the finer things in life, such as alcohol ( if that’s your thing) but the key here is moderation. Start owning up to your actions, drinking every night won’t solve your problems. It literally impedes your ability to think, therefore progress.


Find your Tribe


It doesn’t matter where you go to fulfill this requirement. It could a forum, a Facebook group, a local meetup. But find people that are like-minded, and are on a similar path as you. It’s a great medium to find motivation, answer questions one might have, and offer support when you’re not feeling motivated.


It’s imperative to find your tribe, trust me. It’ll keep you aligned in thinking about achieving the particular goals you have in mind.


Be Grateful


I know this has been said for years, but it still holds true today. Be happy that you are alive, able to access this information, at the current moment.


Be happy with the simple things. Stop comparing yourself to others in your life’s bubble.


The world is a big place, over 7 billion people. Can you rationalize 7 billion people? I have a hard time myself with that… Each of these individuals has there own path, with there own difficulties, and no two paths are ever the same. So stop with the comparing or judging because of others… it only takes away focus from your path, and building the life you’ve always wished for.


Your life is the only life you can actually control, so why not dedicate 100% effort to your own dreams, instead of worrying about someone else.


Have Faith


This isn’t a religious statement, this is just fact. You must have faith in the abilities you possess. You must believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


Not just faith but true conviction. You must be consistent in this application. It must be unwavering.


Don’t worry if you aren’t confident today, take small steps EVERY day to become resolved in your faith, so that you may accomplish anything you desire.


Final Thought


Knowing what you want is the first part of this wonderful process. You must take the time and hash out your ideas. Once you figure out the path you want to take. DON’T QUIT, this is the dream killer most people experience.


People always “want” something out of life… Whether it’s a healthier self or to learn a particular skill or even improve one’s relationship. They just  aren’t ready or committed to putting in the time it takes to accomplish such feats.


REMEMBER, life isn’t about the end goal. It’s about the processes and growing from them. The end goal is GREAT, but once we achieve that and then what? We strive for something else, or a higher level.


So please, take a breath, be present and choose your path.